Domain Network

We install and configure domain controller for your domain. Domain Controller is a server which controls rights of your employees/users. A domain is a client/server network in which the security and resource management is centralized via domain controller. This means that a singular administration has control over the domain and allows which users have access to which files. In a domain, there is a one single database for domain users. A user can log on at any workstation via their account and access the files.

Features of Domain Controller

RDS Server

We setup RDS server in your organization. It includes RemoteApp and VDI deployment as per your needs. Your employees can run your business applications on any device, anytime and anywhere. You do not need to install programs on client computer.

Software Requirements

  • Windows Server with Domain Controller
  • Remote Desktop Client Access Licenses (RD Cals) for Multi-user
  • Static IP to access applications from Internet

Network Administration Training

Learn how to become a network administrator or keep up with advances in technology

Workgroup vs Domain

For businesses, it is always great idea to have domain network instead of workgroup. Below are a few differences between workgroup and domain network.

DescriptionWorkgroup (For Home Users)Domain (For Corporate Users)
Network typePeer-to-peer Windows computer networkClient/server network
Log inUser needs to have separate log in id and password at each workstationUser can log on at any workstation via their account and access domain resources
WorkstationsComputers are limited to maximum 10There can be up to 2000 computers
AdministratorEach user controls the resources and security locally on their PC’sOne administrator to administer the domain and its users and resources.
Computer’s settingsEach user controls the settings on their own computer. No central settings.One can make only limited changes to a computer’s settings because network administrators often want to ensure consistency among computers.
LocationAll computers must be on the same local network or subnet.The computers can be on different local networks, i.e. anywhere in the world.
ChangesSettings must be changed manually on each computer.Changes made to central location (DC) are automatically made to all computers
SecurityUser needs to have separate log in id and password at each workstation, but once logged in can access the computer.Domain users must provide a password or other credentials each time they access the domain.

Server Setup Charges

You can order here our services to setup required server for your business

Domain Controller

10,000/- PKR

Installation of Windows Server 2102 R2
Active Directory Domain Services
DHCP Server
VPN Server
File & Print Server
GPOs for set of users

RDS Server

10,000/- PKR

Remote Desktop Services Server
Application Publishing
Web Portal
RD Cals Management
GPOs for set of users
Prerequisite: Domain Controller

PfSense Firewall with Squid3

20,000/- PKR

PfSense Firewall with Squid3
Cache for websites
Policies for internet usage
Bandwidth control
Blocking time-wasting websites
Monitoring Traffic