A few of our customers

Over the period of nine years we have served many businesses in different cities of Pakistan. A few of them are listed below with the benefits they are enjoying after systemizing their business.

Green Metro Service

Bus Service by Govt of Pakistan

It is a giant project of KMC (Karachi Metropolitan Corporation). The project was initiated CNG Transparent Logoin 2005 by mayor of Karachi, Nematullah Khan. This bus service suspended multiple times afterwards and finally it was handed over to Contractor in September 2014 and it's been successfully operational since then. Now 36 buses are on the roads of Karachi fulfilling the travelling needs of people. With QuickBooks implementation by us, the contractor can check daily which bus is making or losing how much money. He knows which bus is making how many trips on the route. He compares distance travelled with fuel consumption for each bus. He also keeps an eye on repair and maintenance of each bus compared to its trips in a month. The driver making more trips but requiring less maintenance is considered to be a good performer.

BlueLines Transport Company


Based in Karachi Blue Lines Transport is a premier 16 years old truckload carrier. They are BlueLines logoequipped to handle all of your freight transportation needs and provide trucking service within Karachi as well as throughout Pakistan. They will transport all your standard and over dimensional freight safely and on time. They provide logistics to both corporate as well as individual customers. When we implemented QuickBooks for them, they surprised to see complete detail of which truck travelled where and when. The owner can see profit & loss for each truck and compare it with previous period. The owner can also analyze what maintenance is often required in which truck which gives him an idea about how the driver is miss-handling the truck during driving.

Niazi Farm

Farms at Shadi Large, Badin

Niazi farm is agricultural farm. It is located at Badin and owned and operated by Aakib Khan Niazi FarmNiazi. It covers area of 1100 acre consisting of four farms. Each farm has various crops which take months to be ready for harvesting. All over the year, loans are paid to Haarees which are adjustable after the crop they were responsible for is harvested and sold in profit. This farm also maintains inventory of urea, seeds and poison for pest control etc. Before QuickBooks, it was near to impossible for them to know which crop costed how much when it was harvested. Calculating profit or loss for crops and subsequently for farm it belongs to, was not less than a fantasy. We understood their problem and designed QuickBooks in such a way that they get actual cost of each crop when it is chopped. In year end, they are aware of which crop made how much and ultimately drove its farm profit. So they can see in breakup which crop and which farm contributed what to the bottom line of Niazi Farm business.

Reshma Soap & Oleo Chemicals

Soap Manufacturing Company

They have 47+ years of experiece in Soap Industry running trusted brands of Reshma222 Reshma Soap(Laundry Soap), Baba Soap (Laundry Soap), Aiva (Toilet Soap) and Bodycare Essentials. To meet high demands, they have two oleo chemical plants; one located in Punjab and the other is situated at Hub, Balochistan. They acquired our services of QuickBooks Setup because they wanted to know contribution margin of each product so they can easily decide how below they can go in price for any order size. They also needed to know shortage detail of inventory for required batch of manufacturing. We solved their problem. Now they have fixed and variable cost separately in QuickBooks for each product. When Profit and Loss report is generated, it gives profit/loss for each product in separate column. The total of all columns is the profit/loss of Reshma Soap & Oleo Chemicals. Before they start manufacturing, the Production Manager only needs to enter the quantity of production and QuickBooks tells him if they have got enough raw material to manufacture. If something is short, QB provides shortage detail by raw material. QB also informs about the maximum quantity they can manufacture with the raw material in hand.

PSO Fuel Station

Fuel Station at Badin, Sindh

This PSO fuel station is located at Shadi Large, Khoski District, Badin. It is known as Niazi PakistanStateOil Fuel StationPump. Owner of this business, Tariq Abbas Khan, was managing this business with single entry accounting system and was never satisfied with the books. After we implemented QuickBooks at his fuel station, he can clearly see in one click how much cash should be in hand at day end, how much of diesel and petrol must be in tanks and how much he has earned profit. He also maintains accounts receivable in QuickBooks to track overdue balances and reconcile their collection with cash or bank daily.

Al-Qasim Traders

Edible Oil & Banaspati Distributor

Al-Qasim Traders is Edible Oil distributor located in Karachi at Liaqatabad No 10. They sell Al Qasim Tradersedible oil brands (Dalda, Mezan and Soyasupreme etc) to retail shops and also to consumers. The manager, Shaikh Abdul Haseeb, is running the whole business. His challenge was to convince the owner with single entry accounting (Registers). He used to spend two days in preparation before he can visit the owner to present financial position of the business. Now with QuickBooks, he can generate profit & loss, receivable and payable aging in just a click. Banks are reconciled with bank statements and cash in hand is ready to be checked any time. He is now ready to present financial position of business to the owner without preparation. He is no longer afraid of any question that owner might ask.


Software House, United States

Elastic is US based company having offices in multiple countries including Pakistan. Elastica started with a simple thought: Cloud services should be secure for businesses and their employees to use confidently, without any blind spots. Elastica embarked on mission to provide an elegantly simple security operations center for cloud services, the CloudSOCâ„¢ solution. Since then Elastica have reimagined cloud security with the application of advanced data science and machine learning to provide a comprehensive, scalable security solutions with elegant visualization. We implemented QuickBooks in Elastica Pakistan (Astica Pvt Ltd) located at Business Arcade, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi. QuickBooks was hosted in cloud and now top-level management at corporate office can access QuickBooks anytime to monitor real-time transactions and generate reports.

Gulzar Foods Product

FMCG (Snacks & Chips) Manufacturer

Gulzar Foods Products is a manufacturing company which produces quality snacks and chips. Plants are located to multiple cities across Pakistan including Karachi and Mansehra. After we deployed QuickBooks centrally, management is aware which production unit is performing efficiently compared to others. On one click, they can see how much they have stock in-hand of a particular item, how much they can produce and what is short for batch production.

City Tel Distribution

Mobile Phones Distributor & Warranty Claim Center

City Tel Distributor is mobile phone and tablet distributor located at Mobile Market Saddar, Karachi. Managing more than thousand of inventory items was their biggest challenge that they accomplished by adopting QuickBooks for their business.

Basheer & Co

Glass and Aluminium Dealer

Basheer & Co is whole-seller of Glass and Aluminium located at Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The CEO of Basheer & Co had big problem in networking as their business applications were not accessible outside office and on OSs other than Windows. We setup RDS server and now they can run their business applications from anywhere on any device with multiple users.

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