Ascent School

Ascent School is designed for schools in Pakistan. It delivers to your education institute the most powerfull and flexible tool for management. It satisfy your needs with built-in modules serve your business. This program is web-based so users can access this program from anywhere on any device.

Main Features / Modules

  • User Roles

    4 Predefined Roles: Admins, Teachers, Students & Parents

  • Administrators

    Easily customize administrators previllages or full previllages

  • Teachers

    Have access to their students data, Approve students, Control attendance and marks

  • Students

    Have access to data, Take exams, download material, See schedule and more

  • Parents

    Can see their students progress, absense, Marksheet & use messaging

  • Languages

    10 predefined languages, RTL Support And easy to define new one

  • Themes

    12 predefined themes, User has ability to switch his own theme

  • Statis Pages

    Set your own static pages with rich editor and select the scope of visibility

  • Polls

    Create polls & control visibility to user roles

  • Messages

    Simple way fro messaging between users

  • Registeration

    Public Registeration, Administrator & teachers approval. Can be switched off

  • Mail/SMS

    8 SMS APIs & 4 Mail delivery methods used for attendance, exam details & Inviduals

  • Accounting

    Automatic Invoicing, Expenses & payments. Schoex support paypal integration

  • Acadmic Years

    Manage student’s academic years and track their progress over years

  • Promotion

    Easily promote students to new academic years & track past data of students

  • Attendance

    Manage students & teachers attendance. Track their data over dates

  • Vacation

    Teachers & students can apply for vacations requests. Viewed in attendance and can be approved / declined

  • Exams

    Manage exams, Grade levels & Marksheet. Bulk marksheet generation supported.

  • Online Exams

    Manage online exams, multiple tools, Auto marking. Multiple types of questions supported.

  • Assignments

    Manage Assignment, Upload files & students can upload answers files

  • Books Library

    Create Online library by either download or book availability on library

  • Media Center

    Upload images, youtube & vimeo videos in unlimited albums

  • Study Material

    Upload & manage student’s studey material. Classified with classes

  • News & Events

    Declare youe school news & events. Control it’s visibility to user roles

  • Calendar

    List events, news, exams & online exams on calendar

  • Hostel

    Manage Hostel & their relashio to students

  • Transportation

    Control students transportation & track their subscription

  • Classes & Sections

    Dormitories, classes & subjectsare 3 categories to organize structure

  • Class Schedule

    Create classes schedule/routine for each class

  • Reports

    Generate data reports about various parts of system

  • Marksheet

    Generate marksheet, export to PDF & Bulk generation

  • Install / Upgrade

    Easy to install / upgrade. Just 3 steps. One, Two, Finish